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Introduction : Gajsma, anassociation registered in India owns and operates Our Privacy Policy is described here as to how we, as a data controller collect, use, disclose, and otherwise process personally identifiable information collect about individuals ("Personal Data") for providing our various services available from Gajsma. through"Site"). The term ‘Site’ includes derivatives thereof, including mobile websites and applications. Please note that by visiting the Site, you are consenting to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy.

Gajsma reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy. The revisions will be posted on the Site as and when required, sufficiently prior to their implementations..

Data We Collect: On your visiting our site, irrespective of whether you order a Material or not Personal Data collection commences.

We may collect apart from your name, address, phone number, account details and e-mail address, your browsing details also. We may collect other locale and connectivity, platform and language details also. On your confirmation, our system registers data about the related websites you visted through Site also

If you use chat support provided for clarification of any detail on ordering and related matters, site will require and on supply collect more details about you. In all cases our Privacy policy is applicable.

If you participate in our Introduction award scheme we may collect personal data of the introduced party. It is your responsibility to ensure that the person or people you have provided personal information about are aware that you have done so, and have accepted how Gajsmauses their information according to our Privacy Policy.

Security of Your Personal Data:We are aware of the security and confidentiality of the collected data and to ensure that Gajsma employs all the state of art measures available such as SSL (Secure Sokets Layer).

General Use of the Information We Collect: Personal Data and other information collected through the Site are used for, among other purposes,

(1) registering you with the Site and creating your user account,

(2) providing you with the opted for services after verifying your credentials,

(3) supplying you the information about our services on the Site or on other websites and to communicate with you (including by post-ordering chat support) to the extent necessary to provide such requested services,

(4) configuring optimising features to make the Site easier to use for your ordering,

(5) conducting surveys,

(6) the detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities and or

(7) internal training.

Informational and Promotional Activities: As allowed by law we may use the data: inform you about your ordering which cannot be unsubscribed,

2. for sending periodical news letters carrying promotional information, which may include Third Party activities, which can be unsubscribed and which is usually done with your prior consent.

In case no online confirmation is made we may send a reminder.

We may present optional alerts at various points which can be opted out before selection or unsubscribed after. Such opting outs apply only for such alerts.

Credit card on File: When logging in, you will be able to save account details to your personal account for ease of future ordering and payments. You can edit only certain items of the account details. For security reasons, the number cannot be edited.When viewing card details only the last 4 digits of the number will be visible. Please note that we will store the last 4 digits of your account securely upon confirmation made for handling any refund requests. Your account details are always secured using strong encryption.

Sharing Your Personal Data: For successfully performing and completing the certain connected with your data we collect, subject to their Privacy policies. In all cases you will be informed of this and their links. We may share with such Third Parties your account data that you may have on file with Gajsma with the material you have ordered but only to the extent necessary to perform any additional program of your options of additional services. In certain cases Third Parties may charge your account. All such cases will be informed to you in advance. All such third parties will undertake to maintain the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data, and to process the Personal Data only in accordance with our instructions.

If Gajsma sources coustomer from third party customer suppliers we may share your Personal Data with such third party vendors. Details about all such parties will be made available to you.

In case, with our consent and knowledge, you transact directly with a third party to obtain services, or when you use the Site to confirm a study material order or obtain another service (such as points under a third-party loyalty program), we may provide your Personal Data or other involved third party.

Business Network partners: We work with a network of business partners(‘Nodes’) of various types. Some of them may have integrated Gajsma in their sites. In case a ordering with Gajsma is made through any of them, please be aware that there will be sharing and forwarding of your Personal data among the concerned Parties and that each Node will have its own Privacy policy.Please keep yourself completely informed about them. Such shared data among Nodes may be used for our Internal assessments.

Except for disclosures detailed in this Privacy Policy or as required or permitted by law in any relevant jurisdiction as applicable and the disclosure of your Personal Data and information required for completing your ordering with the relevant materials of your choice and the sharing of certain Personal Data with selected partners where relevant (your details will be used for reporting and analysis purposes only), we will not disclose your Personal Data to third parties without your consent.

We may share your Personal Data with our affiliated insttutes(in and outside your home country), including our affiliated (group) institutes' employees and agents and representatives who need to know or have access to this information to perform the service requested by you (including customer services) and internal (audit/compliance) investigations.

For fulfilling the authorised Governmental and legal department requirements we may disclose your Personal to them. They may have different standards of data protection compared to the laws in your home jurisdiction.

Cookies, Page Tags , Analytics,and others:Gajsma uses cookies and page tags. We request, and expect of, you to be aware of handling different cookies and other aspects of using a modern Browser. We provide below links to update your knowledge, in case, about the usage of modern browsers.;

and with regard to our mobile apps, you can use the following opt-out options:;

by emailing appsflyer at:

To opt out of analytics programs, you can use the following tools:;;;

MNT will periodically update the list..

Advertising and content on other websites

We use 3rd party tools to distribute ads on a variety of websites. We neither support nor endorse the goals, causes or statements of the websites which display our advertisements.

Information from other partners

On occasions affiliated entities, business partners or other third party providers may share information with us, such as social media.We may collect data available with them.

Opting out: We make it easy for you to opt out of this feature at any time by: toggling “no” on i) the thank you page after you make a booking, and ii) in your manage my booking page on the Site. For further help in this regard you may contact our customer experience team at any time.

Updating Your Personally Identifiable Information:Pleas note that all updates to Personal data is only via our Customer care. It will verify your identity before granting access or making changes to your Personal Data. Any request to access your Personal Data will be answered within a reasonable timeframe. In case you object to the processing of your Personal Data for purposes of advertising and market and opinion research we may charge a reasonable fee for such access in accordance with applicable laws.

Mobile and Tab Apps:Our mobile and Tab apps present, collect and use data exactly as the Site does. But your device may disclose additional information about you. Kindly be familiar with the device specific behaviour.

Cross Device Tracking (CDT):Since it is very normal today to access same information using multiple devices we employ Cross Device Tracking to help the customers.

can help you in optimising the behaviour of CDT.

Language:This English language version alone shall prevail in case of conflict between this English language version and any translated version of this.

Terms of Use:Please consult the Gajsma Terms of UseTerms of Use for more details on using our Site. This Privacy Policy forms an integral part of our Terms of Use.