Functions of Soroban techniques:

         Soroban is a rectangular frame which has lower part and upper part in it, these two parts separated by a bar which has number of unit places (dots) on it, one can choose any one point (dot) as an unit place to do calculations. The beads are inserted in a rod which connects the top and bottom through the bar. When the beads touches the bar it gives value, provided the unit point must be selected already to get correct result. Lower part has 4 beads (its each value is 1 total 4) and a bead in upper part has value 5, when the lower 4 beads and upper 1 bead touches the bar the value is 9 on unit place, if the total beads in next to unit place in the left side (10th place) to the unit place touches the bar the total value will 99,also the total beads next to the 10th place touches the bar it gives total value as 999. It goes on further for higher values like 9999, 99999, 999999, etc. if there are lower 4 beads only touches the bar the values will be 4,44,444,4444,44444,444444, etc.

         One can use soroban to get the above said values (i.e. only for 4 and 9 series) by directly moving the beads towards the bar and can get results without training. But to get the answer for 4 to 9 and 9 to 19 one should undergo for training to add the number 4+1 and 9+1, there are + (1 to 4) and -(1 to 4) formulas to add the numbers from 4 to 9 and there are +(1 to 9) and -(1 to 9) formulas to add the numbers from 9 to 19. Further formulas to add numbers from +(6 to 9) and -(6 to 9) so there are 4+4+9+9+4+4 = 34 formulas are to be stored in the memory and it has to be recalled in nano seconds to calculate each and every number to add or subtract. Further there will be multiplication calculations, so the values of multiples and the above 34 formulas to be applied in each and every digits in multiplication.

         Now, one can realise that how fast the brain has to work to complete the 30 numbers of 4 digits by 3 digit multiplication in 180 sec. for each number they have to apply 34 formulas and multiplication values from the multiplication table 1 to 9 in vertically and horizontally.

Multiple- Intelligence:

         Soroban techniques are very simple to learn (even 5 years old child also can learn) the above said 34 formulas and multiplication tables from 1 to 9 and it can be stored in long term memory by applying the techniques to stimulate one's kinesthetic, Visual, auditory, gestalt and emotional intelligence. Further one can acquire their interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence while teaching the soroban techniques to others.

         Because the beauty of soroban training is, it connects the cerebral cortex and reptilian brain also activates the limbic brain when the time is fixed to solve the set of sums in a particular time limit.

Brain Functions:

         At the time of soroban practice, sitting posture develops the connection between the tail bone and cerebrallum to improve the energy level of whole brain and function efficiently.

         Visualizing the numbers (through left part) and position of beads (through right part) connects the cerebral cortex.

         While moving the beads with finger tips (kinesthetic movements) generates the direct communication about the position of beads, it goes to the reptilian brain (the root of mind's eye) right part of the brain and applying formulas for a particular number takes place in the left part of the brain in nano seconds. When the time is fixed to solve the set of 30 sums even within 60 seconds the limbic emotional gets accelerated to activate the reptilian and cerebral cortex to work faster.

         As the same during the dictation (for auditory) using soroban or image of soroban, fast and the oral words of numbers converted to digital number by imagine the word of a number, here the auditory and imaginary part of frontal lobe connects to the long term memory to recall the picture of the number and position of beads to bring out the results from the reptilian and cerebral cortex and through the limbic (emotional) brain to produce the results instantly at micro seconds.

         While doing the mental calculations (using the image of soroban) for each and every number, in the imaginary soroban, every movements and position of beads are watched by the mind's eye and stored in the frontal lobe to produces spontaneous results. As informed above for each and every number the cross communication between the reptilian brain, limbic brain and cerebral cortex are takes place in nano seconds to pick a particular formula for that particular number to produce a result.

         In short during the soroban calculation for each and every number all the brain cells has to work tremendously to communicate within the brain and create communication between the (reptilian brain, limbic brain and cerebral cortex) brains in nano seconds and every synapses has to be active to provide clear path way to the brain cells to connect and communicate with in the cells and between the (reptilian brain, limbic brain and cerebral cortex) brains to get the correct formula, create correct image to position the beads and to get accurate result in micro seconds.

         It proof's that Soroban Techniques are the tool to Switch on the Cerebral cortex for whole brain access for everyone in all walks of life.

Written by
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